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WCF RIA Services – Architecture, Validation, and Security Reference Sheet

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Microsoft_Silverlight Hello, I am Roy Lawson and glad to be blogging about Silverlight, WCF RIA Services, Application Architecture, and other development related topics.  If you are from Florida you may know me as the president of the Lakeland .Net User Group, or you may have heard me speak on a variety of topics including Silverlight, WCF RIA Services, TFS and Team System, .Net, BI, or as the presenter at Florida’s Microsoft Speaker Idol competition held earlier this year.

imageFor my first blog entry I am going to include something I consider of rather high value if you are doing WCF RIA Services development, which is a reference sheet that contains the most commonly used WCF RIA Services concepts.  This sheet was created to support a recent presentation I delivered to the Tampa Silverlight User Group last week.  As this sheet will continue to be updated, you can find the download on the silverteams codeplex site where I have started development on a new collaboration portal that can best be described as The Ladders meets Elance. 

I discovered that although there is a ton of information on WCF RIA Services, there is a whole lot to sort through until you find what you really need to know.  The reference sheet is the first in what will be three to four pages on the topic with authorization, validation, security, and general tips to come.  I am deliberately keeping it as short as possible and only including information that you will absolutely need.

I spent a good deal of time working out how to architect a Silverlight application in the Enterprise, or for an application where you want a clean separation between the layers.  Although it was a bit tricky in Silverlight 3 to separate the layers, I have found that Silverlight 4 is not really that complicated.  I had to develop some custom T4 templates to generate the domain service and metadata at the appropriate layers, but I am at a point where I can quickly crank out a working template.  I have been very fortunate to know and work with Oleg Sych here in Florida, who is in fact the T4 King.  If you want to know anything about code generation and especially T4, it all begins with Oleg.

We here in Florida had the great fortune to have John Papa amongst us – and I certainly enjoyed the times he spoke in Lakeland or at code camps.  Now that he is a Microsoft superstar and Silverlight evangelist he has been producing some really awesome content in the form of Silverlight TV.  If you are just starting with WCF RIA Services, check out John Papa’s hands on lab

Once you understand how WCF RIA Services fits together and you want to go another step, I would encourage you to participate (or at least download) the application and rip it apart.  It is a real app still in design phase so you can watch as the foundation evolves. 


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